Water is the spring of life

Unfortunately, our water often does not have any more the original quality which has it from his spring. In the nature it runs from there by a natural brook bed. Nevertheless, we get it about long management systems, as a rule from the water treatment plant. On this way by the lines it is very often dirtied and contaminated with foreign information. Moreover, it is often still stored in bottles for months.
Maybe we have never remembered that the water which we drink automatically becomes a part of ourselves. On the one hand at the material level, as well as with the information which it has stored. We exist of matter and information and thus the information which delivers the water to us plays a very important role.
With food it behaves quite alike. Even biologically tilled food partially reaches above long ways our table. Transport and storage decrease her quality. We start to understand that also the information which is stored in the food has a meaning for our health.

The big F-disc influences water and food in a positive manner. She raises the order and density of information of any substance.

The big F-disc can be used ideally as a mat for a water jug, try out, however, following with pleasure yourselves:

  • If you, e. g. , beans or chickpeas cook you put the legumes overnight on the disc.
  • Should you make cake or bread, one can also put the dough on the disc.
  • Put her food before the consumption on the disc. If one it several minutes there leaves the effect will be even bigger.
  • Put also her drinks like coffee, tea or wine on the disc before you serve this.

4-5 minutes are ordinarily enough around the energy to begin.

And if you are persuaded of the positive effect, lay permanently a big fa disc in your fridge or your food shelve.

The discs raise the energy of water and food. If you do not trust to the quality of your water, you can use, in addition, a filter. This will clean your water of chlorine and treacly metals, however, this water from the energetic position is dead. Put on a disc around it again to animate.  


Interesting experiments with the discs

The bitterness of olives
Olives were given in bottles full with water to reduce your bitterness. A bottle stood several metres away on a disc and other besides. Otherwise the conditions (light, temperature) were the same. The olives from the bottle which stood on the disc were less bitter, than from the other bottle. Also the water in which they were soaked was much clearer remaining..

Potatoes were mixed equally with water and were left for two weeks. Again a bottle on a disc was put and other several metres away besides. Again the conditions (light, temperature) were the same. After two weeks it was intolerable to open the bottle beside the disc, because the contents stank brutally. The water in the bottle, on the disc stood was clear and the smell was mild.

If you work with wobble, you will recognise immediately how the discs support you.

Biology resonance therapy
With the therapy devices which work after the biology resonance principle (e. g. , EAV gold) the effectiveness of the discs can be measured. A patient was measured and the acupuncture points were determined which need treatment. Then the patient, chlorinated tap water which was put 10 min. on a disc drank. The measurement was repeated after next 10 min. Now only more an acupuncture point needed are treated and the measurement the same result proved if it was carried out half an hour later again. The water on the disc had won in structure and information and had transmitted also to the person.