What are the Enthalpy discs ® made of?

The discs exist of natural minerals and her functions are based on the principle of the structuralisation of energy in the space. This quality occurs from a concrete order of the substances in the disc. This internal order permits the structuralisation of the physical (cosmic) energy in Outside to the disc. They "flow out" therefore of the disc in a higher regular form.

The discs contain neither batteries, magnets, crystals, nor radioactive or toxic materials, work accordingly they not with stream or magnetism.


How do the Enthalpy discs ® work?

The internal structure of the Enthalpy discs ® allows to work to the disc like a lens. One knows from physics that lenses can focus the sunrays and deliver this in a point accumulatedly. In similar form the discs also work. Though they have a certain effect area, however, are the strongest with nearness to the disc.

Enthalpy discs ® own the highest harmony in themselves (microcosm) and radiate this as a Fraktal on her surroundings and the person (macrocosm). They look structuring and in harmony. Enthalpy discs ® update the "software" of our organism and can let therefore also miracle happen.

Enthalpy discs ® are no "informed" products, they carry no information in themselves in this sense. They show themselves an ordinal spring of the cosmic energy


For whom are the discs?

Enthalpy-Discs ® are for Each. The discs support and strengthen every healing process. They are quite general a good support for doctors, remedial practical people, physiotherapists, masseurs, Energetiker and therapists.

They are already used in different forms of the energy work (e. g. , Reiki) and the medicine of information with excellent results. Besides, they work not only positively on the client, but also on the therapist. The discs strengthen the therapeutic effect during the treatment and prevent leaching out the therapist.

According to experience the effectiveness was strengthened with it by therapeutic devices, as for example to the Bicom (biology resonance device).

Should you be Energetiker, you can incorporate the Enthalpy discs ® in your work. Give to your clients a suitable disc in the hand, while you work with them. If you work with Feng-Shui, the discs will be able to support them also, on this occasion (e. g. , disc F).

Enthalpy-Discs ® are no products specific for person, hence, they can be used by everybody. They work on all living beings, thus also on crystals while they clean this, e. g.

Not only therapists or healers use the discs; on grounds of the wide effect spectrum, you will also find certainly one or other disc which will support you.

For individual problems, you can ask me any time for a suitable disc, because I know maybe still one or other disc which can support you.

But it is the best if you trust her intuition and select to yourselves such a disc.


How are the discs produced?

Every Enthalpy disc ® is produced with love in manual labour what one also feels and sees.

If the discs had to go not be perfect to 100%, their function is thereby affected in keinster manner. (You can complain this, but of course any time, should not like you. )

The lifetime and effectiveness of the discs is boundless, they do not discharge and must not be also charged, they are very robust and also do not break after repeated falling down. Should they be damaged, nevertheless, nevertheless, once they do not lose, nevertheless, her effect. They have with the purchase of an Enthalpy-Disc ®, so to speak, a friend for life.


Must I clean the discs?

In Entalpy discs no "negative" or foreign energy can stick, therefore, they can be used safely by many people. The discs, can be used on both sides and be cleaned easily with soap and cold water.