How can I work with Enthalpy discs ®?

  • The Enthalpy-Discs ® fit on grounds of her size and form in every trouser pocket and unfold there her effect on the body, the energy field and/or the mind. Some discs, e. g. , the g disc for the liver, can be laid, in addition, still on the place special for them (liver) to work there straight. They can lay the discs also beside themselves on the table or in the bed. (Attention: some discs are too strong to take them with in or near the bed. If they simply try out it, you cannot fall asleep, then the disc presumably is at the moment too strongly for you. )
    They can simply also take in hand the discs and "play" with her like with a hand flatterer.


  • Enthalpy-Discs ® help to diminish stress and create the best conditions for relaxation and sleep. Put on the suitable Enthalpy disc ® for a few minutes or in the nearness of the suitable organ, e. g. , of stomach or liver. A contact with the skin is not necessary.


  • Enthalpy-Discs ® can relieve pains (disc C or CD1). Lay the suitable disc directly on the pain place (or in their nearness if direct putting on is not possible) and you let this to a few minutes have an effect. They will feel themselves, how long they must allow to work a disc. It is also to be combined very helpfully the different effects of the discs with each other, e. g. , with joint pains: Disc g (joint) + C / CD1 (healing & pains) + CD18 (to the strengthening of the other discs) which should be brought then everybody so near as possible to the suitable place. Sometimes it also comes up to the small discs to use and to fix with a medical tape (e. g. , Leukoplast or similar) locally at suitable place.


  • With physical strain the Enthalpy-Discs ® more perseverance and a bigger efficiency can give you. Also strength and balance are able positively is influenced. All types can be used, particularly are suited for this, nevertheless, disc A, C and FOLLOWING


  • Because the Enthalpy-Discs ® the energy of the space structure, they can also work energetisierend on liquids and food. If you lay a glass of water (coffee, tea, wine, bread, fruit, among other things) on an Enthalpy-Disc ® (big fa disc for a few minutes), this one higher energetic order within the liquid or the food causes. (Special ranges of application of the discs with water and food)
    This effect often becomes clearly perceptible with the taste and makes the food again real "food" what also appears by their longer durability if you give, e. g. , a big fa disc in the fridge. They can also lay drugs or cosmetics articles on this disc. They can try out this any time themselves and prove, while they lay some food on a fa disc and other not. Or put a vase with cut flowers on a disc. The flowers will be preserved to them clearly longer.


  • Enthalpy-Discs ® can compensate the sturgeon fields geopathischer the effect and from electric smog (disc F). Lay a disc between screen and keyboard of your PC and create the conditions of a restful work; or if they lay a big fa disc under the bed around again restfully and to sle throughpt.


  • Of course it would be the best and healthiest for you to stop immediately with the smoking, but to everybody this is not easy thus. Till then a cigarette can be laid for 4-5 minutes on a disc. With it at least the energetic damage can be decreased.


  • If you work with crystals, lay this for a few minutes on a disc and them are released immediately from foreign energy.


  • If you deal with therapies of every kind, combine the different discs individually during the therapy (meeting). They can achieve with it better results.
    Also in the rehabilitation phase after an illness the discs support the recovery process.


  • An Enthalpy pyramid ® will clean your therapy space (e. g. , disc F) or in your meditation space put up, you bring in deeper relaxation and help you in meditating, concentrating and visualising (disc B). Because the pyramids are not too big and have, nevertheless, a relatively big effect area, they are also optimum for taking suitably, e. g. , for seminars and Workshops.


  • The Enthalpy-Donuts ® are up ideally to the cape as a piece of jewellery or under the clothes suitably (if woman carries sometimes no trousers) and can be combined in this manner also with other discs.


  • The small discs can be well stuck at aching body places (e. g. , with Leukoplast) to work there locally and focused, e. g. , with joint pains (g disc), skin problems (disc CD11), to the decontamination (2x H discs above the ankle inside), etc.