Although we still do not understand the concept of life entirely, we know that it can only exist and flourish under certain conditions like a harmonious combination of structure and order.
The human body constantly tries to restore its inner order (enthalpy) by transforming disorder (entropy). In this way it maintains a state of order and existence.
Continuously factors like a stressful work and family life, chemical and physical environmental pollution (electro-smog, mobile phone radiation, Wi-Fi), bad quality food, and geopathic stress (water veins, earth dislocations, grid lines) force our body to compensate and to restore a state of order. All these stressors force our body to work outside a state of balance day after day. You don´t have to be an expert to understand what these means in the long run.
Enthalpy-Discs® have been designed to support our organism in its daily effort to restore a state of balance. You will get to know them on the following pages.